Commitments for 2023

I am forever on my way”

Maxine Greene

Embracing the possibilities inherent in being a teacher means embracing our roles as professionals committed to learning and growing alongside our students and colleagues.   

As we start back to school in January, we are thinking about our commitment to our own practice, to the teachers with whom we collaborate and the students with whom we are privileged to spend time. Based on what we have learned and experienced this past year, we are committed to:

  • Adhering to student-centered instructional practices
  • Advocating for teachers at the state, district, local and classroom level
  • Advocating for children and their rights as learners
  • Standing on the shoulders of sound research (not trends, nostalgia or convenience) when making decisions 
  • Letting go of practices that are not effective

As you head back to your classroom, what are your commitments?  How can you forever be on your way in 2023?  Here is some inspiration  from teachers with whom we work:

  • I commit to focusing on where my students are right now, instead of panicking about where they are supposed to be.
  • I commit to scheduling literacy instruction across a week.  No more trying to cram everything into one day.
  • I commit to taking an asset-minded approach to my students.  
  • I commit to letting go of practices. No more holding on out of nostalgia.
  • I commit to laughing with my students every day.

Teaching is a hard and serious job. And it is also joyful, exciting and fun. When we are having a bad day, it helps to remind ourselves of why we decided to become teachers in the first place. We can, for a moment, put aside test scores and teaching points. We can devote time to simply connecting with students. We can ask the students to select a favorite book, and read it aloud and laugh together. We commit to centering joy in the classroom.

What do you want to commit to for the rest of this 2023 school year? 

How can we support you?

Please share below in the comments!

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