Ways to Work with Us

Jen and Hannah  offer a variety of ways that we can work together, in person and remotely.  By using a number of methods for professional development, we customize an experience that will be the most impactful for your school.

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One Day Workshops

We present on a specific topic, based on your school’s specific interests or needs.  This can be in person or remote.

Long Term Partnerships

We partner with schools for 2-5 years, creating a customized plan for improvement in all areas of literacy instruction. This plan includes a combination of presentations to construct knowledge,  data analysis with next steps, classroom demonstrations, planning meetings, classroom coaching and professional feedback.  

Short Term Partnerships

We partner with schools for an academic year or season. On site visits can include classroom demonstrations and debrief sessions, data analysis with next steps, coaching with professional feedback, or planning meetings. Visits can be organized by grade or topic.

Week-Long Site Based Collaboration

This week-long collaboration focuses on one aspect of teaching literacy.  Using this intensive PD model, we work alongside teachers daily in a variety of ways.

Virtual Partnerships

We partner with teachers to present and synthesize current research, host planning meetings, conduct data analysis with next steps or provide coaching with professional feedback.