Commitments for 2023

I am forever on my way” Maxine Greene Embracing the possibilities inherent in being a teacher means embracing our roles as professionals committed to learning and growing alongside our students and colleagues.    As we start back to school in January,…

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Trust Conferring

As students are reading for longer stretches of time, and you have done moreassessments, you are probably preparing to start small group instruction. One ofthe most common wonderings we hear is this:“During Independent Reading, should I be doing small group…

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Tempting Readers Part 2

We trust that students come to our classrooms ready to be agentive about their own growth as readers.  Making choices about what to read  is a key part of that growth.  Choice motivates readers to engage with text, giving them…

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Tempting Readers

We trust that students come to our classrooms already living their reading lives. At home, maybe they love to listen as family members tell stories. Maybe they have a bookshelf of their favorite books.  Perhaps they go to the library…

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Student Designed Libraries

Dear Teachers, Are you wondering about how to get your students involved in setting up the classroom library? It may seem overwhelming. We get it. Here’s a way to do it without dismantling the library that you have already set…

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